HVAC Services

In 2007, MOA Engineering started its HVAC division with its first project being the Serena Hotel. The success of this project was a major learning experience and the right impetus needed for charting the company in its successful entry into HVAC services.The advantage of HVAC division over contemporaries emanates from the strength in project management, multi disciplined design engineers and usage of latest design tools and techniques. The usage of advanced software like MEP Revit 11 provides complete building information modelling with details like 3D visualization, clash detection and BOQ analysis which allows budget control.With the easy availability of state of the art products from all over the world, the focus of MOA is optimized application and integration of these products and adoption of right process for timely delivery and quality.

  • Co-generation absorption chillers to work with multiple heat sources such as exhaust flue gases, jacket hot water from engines, and supplementary/flue firing by oil & gas
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) using digital scroll technology
  • Ultra low-temperature process refrigeration
  • Indoor air quality systems using controlled ozonized injection
  • Duct cleaning system for improvement of indoor air quality
  • Compact & efficient water-cooled ductable split units
  • Microprocessor as a standard feature for all HVAC systems